Proven Benefits of Using a Remote Scribe

Dr. Steve Carter provided this information shortly after deploying the Remote Scribe process in his family practice:

How many patients did you see per hour before having a Remote Scribe? Four patients per hour.

How many patients per hour are you seeing now? Five, easily.

The average revenue per encounter is $120, including labs and X-rays performed in the office (about $80 just for the encounter). That translate to 8 additional patients per day @ $120 per encounter, multiplied by 225 days = $216,000 per year in additional revenue.


Figure A. The iPad is in the room with the doctor and the patient. The clinician sets the iPad on the counter while examining the patient. The microphone in the iPad relays sound to the Remote Scribe, and the iPad screen shows the encounter note in real-time as it is being created remotely.

Figure B. The Remote Scribe hears and transcribes the encounter note in real-time into the EHR. The screen of the EHR is ‘pushed’ to the iPad so the doctor can see the note as it is created. Upon request, the Remote Scribe can retrieve documents (e.g. labs) and display them on the doctor’s iPad.


Figure C. Since the note is created and finished by the end of the visit, the doctor can sign off immediately by simply tapping a button on the iPad. That’s it! No more charting after clinic hours!

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Saw 36 Patients today, stress free, charts done, staff out on time, ready for the weekend. Yea!

Terry L. Turke, M.D.
Watertown, WI