PCMHAccelerator-2Delivered by our consulting division and led by a physician credentialed with the NCQA Content Expert Certification for PCMH, the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Accelerator is a practice transformation service that provides practices with the knowledge, resources, and peer support needed to achieve Level 3 PCMH Recognition from NCQA.

How will the PCMH Accelerator benefit your practice?

  • Increased Revenue. A recognized PCMH will cut operating costs, improve care quality, and boost patient satisfaction. Many practices that become a recognized PCMH have realized a six-figure increase in revenue from bonus incentives and higher insurance reimbursements. We can help you forecast how much your practice can generate by becoming a recognized PCMH.
  • Improved Outcomes. Because the PCMH model facilitates a greater degree of care-coordination and quality assurance, it has been linked to marked improvements in patient health and satisfaction, as well as greater professional satisfaction for clinicians practicing in a recognized PCMH.
  • Greater Efficiency. Becoming a PCMH can also positively impact your clinic’s bottom line by eliminating wasteful processes that have costs without rewards.
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"The PCMH Accelerator shows how to attack the whole thing using SOAPware so each practice doesn't have to do it alone. Each practice doesn't have to re-invent the wheel … The other benefit of the Accelerator is it tells you how you can use SOAPware to meet PCMH requirements ... specifically for each Standard/Factor under consideration. There are examples of Logs which might be used … and suggestions of how documentation can be prepared for NCQA. This helps tremendously, because NCQA is something that can be hard to wrap your head around." -Katherine Wolf, Office Manager