Resuscitating the Clinician’s Career

For over 20 years, the team of physicians and consultants at DOCS CPR have been developing solutions that help empower clinicians to practice at the top of their profession. Most recently, the introduction of a progressive workflow process – known as Remote Scribing – has brought the joy back to practice for many of our clients by alleviating the stress created by the EHR software.

DOCS CPR is dedicated to improving the quality of ambulatory care and the satisfaction of both physicians and their patients. Their highly specialized team works with key stakeholders in the practice to enhance efficiency and sustainability.


  • Delivered by our consulting division and led by a physician credentialed with the NCQA Content Expert Certification for PCMH, the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Accelerator is a practice transformation service that provides practices with the knowledge, resources, and peer support needed to achieve PCMH Recognition from NCQA.

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  • The Key to Success. The Electronic Health Records (EHR) system is a critical component in a modern practice – but practices large and small are suffering from their EHR implementation. Don’t suffer any longer! Through optimization of the EHR software and the EHR workflows, we can help you reclaim lost time and get home earlier with less frustration.

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  • Coordinated Care is core to achieving reduced costs, improved population health, and increased patient satisfaction — known as the Triple Aim. With Practice Transformation, it is possible to achieve all of this – and improve the happiness and income of the clinicians in the process. Medical Care Coordination from DOCS CPR(tm) will revolutionize the practice, and deliver a sustainability for years to come.

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What Our Customers Say

  • Saw 36 patients today, stress free, all charts done, staff out on time, ready for weekend. Yea!

    Terry L Turke, M.D., Watertown, WI
  • Using SOAPware with a Medical Care Coordinator, my documentation is completed in the exam room, even though I am in a high volume practice. It is easy now, and I recently passed a Medicaid audit with flying colors.

    – Dr. David Foscue, Springdale, AR

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